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You're Fired

Dennis Brotzky
December 19th, 2013 · 1 min read
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I’m guilty, as I’m sure most of you are, of working harder for other people than I do for myself. I started thinking, “If I worked the way I do for myself, for other people, I would fire me.” That was an easy way to put things in perspective.

Next time you have a project you’re trying to actually get done (no pipe dreams) think about the effort you’re putting into it from your boss’ perspective and ask yourself, “Would I hire this person to work for me?”

A lot of times the problem isn’t effort, but organization. When we work for other people or other organizations, we take for granted the structure they bring to the table. That structure allows us to make the most of our time and focus our energies.

Begin at the beginning and resist the urge to skip over the necessary building of a framework and platform to launch your ideas.

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